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2023 Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet raises the bar for multifunctional vehicles that suit every outdoor activity and take you on endless trips. Myers Orleans GM is your source to grab the best off-road trucks with unmatched performance using our long-rooted expertise.

The new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado will take you to discover new roads and travel across every terrain. Select your driving mode and experience new adventures, but first, let us take you through this breakdown to know what makes this car so unique.


The car is designed with a robust body capable of delivering more. The new truck by Chevrolet will dominate the roads with an above-average length of 5.4 metres and 17” wheels accompanied with bold 33” tires.

This truck is well elevated from the ground with 24cm clearance and a solid skid plate, which keeps the car safe from beneath and offers your epic performance over rocky roads.

The front of the car features a massive grille and air intakes to improve the car’s aerodynamics, while there’s a spacious cargo space at the back of the vehicle with a 1.5 metre bed length.


Featuring a double-cabin, the truck can accommodate up to five passengers on board in a spacious interior and comfortable legroom and headrests.

You’ll find leather touches on the interior material mixed with high-quality stitches and cloth, giving you and everyone else a premium-class feeling. While on top, there’s a large sunroof that you can open or tilt with one flick of your finger.

The driver gets ultimate control using an 11-inch driver’s dashboard digitally integrated with the speed gauges and an 11.3-inch central touchscreen where you can control the mood inside your cabin.


This vehicle is full of advanced technology that makes your off-road adventures enjoyable. It’s the best in its class regarding camera technologies, featuring 10 cameras that go beyond what’s conventional under the car to increase your vision.

You can connect your phone to the central touchscreen to play your favourite music and charge your phone using a wireless charging hub.

Additionally, several systems ensure safe driving, such as forward-collision alert, front-pedestrian braking, lane-keep assistance and lane-departure warning.


The unmatched performance of the new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado takes you everywhere limitlessly, powered by a 2.7L turbocharged engine. Not only that, there are five driving modes to optimize your driving experience over every terrain: Off-Road, Terrain, Baja, Tow/Haul and Normal driving mode.

This strong automobile is expected to deliver economic estimated fuel consumption of 7.6L per 100km in the city and 10L per 100km on highways, with a powerful trailing capacity to pull 3,493 kg.


With the complete lineup yet to be released, fans are waiting for five trims; ZR2, Z71, Trail Boss, LT and WT. Chevrolet didn’t officially publish the prices. However, it’s not expected to diverge hugely from the previous model, starting at $28,248.

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