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2023 GMC Sierra in Orleans | Pre-Order Now

The 2023 GMC Sierra is a light-duty pick-up truck with the best-in-class 4WD diesel towing capacity, better technology and even more opulent indulgence. It’s the perfect pick-up truck with increased cargo bed volume, horsepower, and exciting new hands-free driver assistance technology.

Fresh from a make-over, the latest Sierra 2023 model pick-up can be utilized for anything as simple as a day-to-day vehicle to a hard-working truck capable of any obstacle.

Pricing for an entry-level 2023 GMC Sierra starts at an affordable $33,000, and this can increase with adding additional add-ons in GMC's "build & price" pick-up. The sky's the limit to adding options to customize your vehicle for your needs.

Interior Features

First-class interior painstakingly designed with genuine materials and outstanding amenities. The premium interior is created with high-end comfort at the forefront to guarantee self-indulgence on even the roughest roads.

All improved upgrades are exceptional and infused with the latest technology making the overall interior systems such as 120 Volt box mounted power outlet, brake pad wear indicator, cruise control, 13.4-inch GMC premium infotainment system with a multicolour reconfigurable screen, and Bluetooth top of the range.

GMC Sierra offers you the opportunity to "build and price" your light-duty pick-up. The additional add-ons available make for an experience when choosing your perfect pick-up truck specifically designed for your needs.

Exterior Features

The bold exterior of the new 2023 Sierra has a powerful profile. The profile has a unique look that will turn heads and give notice either on the job, out and about in town or wherever life leads you.

The length of the 2023 GMC model has various sizes depending on which model takes your fancy. The general all-around size is 235.6 inches, 141.7 inches wheelbase, and 80 inches high.

17-inch steel wheels make for a business-like look, and the basic pro model owns the LED daytime running lights.

Safety Features

There’ll be advanced feature upgrades that’ll ensure all passengers' safety. The advanced safety features include lane-keeping assistance, multiple cameras that’ll make avoidance of collisions easier, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot alerts.

Accidents will greatly decrease with the improved forward collision alert system and automatic brake system.

Fuel Consumption and Efficiency (Standard)

With a fuel tank capacity of 90.8L, the new 2023 Sierra will get you 8.1km/L in the city and 9.4km/L on the highway. Without any problems, the Sierra will reach a speed of 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds and has a top speed of 173 km/h.


The 2023 GMC Sierra is the ideal lightweight pick-up truck. It works hard and looks fantastic! Pre-order your 2023 GMC Sierra in Orleans today!

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