Is Buick an underrated car brand?

Is Buick an underrated car brand?

The Buick is one of the oldest car brands globally. The carmaker ensured that this brand had perfect power, handling capabilities, and comfort. The first thing you’ll notice is the simplicity in the shape of the SUV design. The simplicity is because the shape hasn’t changed in years. 


However, the interior and exterior have changed over time to accommodate the increasing technology. The interior has a cooling and warming feature for the seats and the steering wheel. There’s also lots of space to comfortably seat between five to eight passengers, leaving ample space for other belongings. 


The exterior comes with vibrant colours. The technology on the exterior is placed in such a way to ensure safety for all passengers. The driver isn’t excluded. To ensure safety, there’s a rear mirror camera, which gives you a wide view and assists in making sure you don’t reverse into anything that you shouldn’t. 


Comparison to Other Top Brands



Comparing the Buick to other leading top brands, it’s just out of reach to be fully classed among Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. To compare, you’ll have to invest in the most expensive model that’ll bring you up to par with the leading brands.


Possibility to Get the Buick Cheaper



You’re more than able to get a Buick cheaper than other vehicles as this company makes SUVs and other cars more affordable. The Buick maker always satisfies the clients by ensuring the SUVs and other cars remain luxurious, comfortable, and safe for all its passengers.  


Fuel Consumption



Buick vehicles are equipped to ensure fuel efficiency is one of the top priorities. One way to achieve minimum fuel usage is the stop/start technology installed to ensure you’re saving on your fuel. The fuel consumption of these vehicles averages between 5.9L/100km and 5.2L/100km. 





The top speed of this brand vehicle is 195km/h. You can go from zero to 100km/h in under 10 seconds. To help you receive the top speed, the vehicle comes in either an eight-speed or nine-speed automatic transmission. Both models have a horsepower of 250. 




All Buick vehicles have different starting prices. It all depends on the type of SUV you want to buy. The prices range from a minimum amount of $21,990 to a maximum amount of $55,100. 





Buick is a luxury brand car, and it may no longer be a brand everyone talks about. However, you might be asking, is Buick an underrated car brand? Well, it remains an alternative for buyers looking for safety, reliability, comfort, and luxury. If you find yourself looking for all of those features, look no further as the Buick vehicles are still available and at a more affordable price. 

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