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Buying Winter Tires from a Dealership - Safety and Storage Included

When the air turns cold and the grass seems to have more frost than dew on it in the morning, it is time to start preparing your vehicle for winter. Cold weather driving is a different beast than cruising along in the summer sunshine. It seems to be perpetually dark, and there is always snow on the roads. It is advisable that drivers take the necessary steps to prepare their vehicles for winter, including putting on a set of winter tires.

The Benefits of Winter Tires

Winter tires are made with a specialized rubber compound that remains flexible even in colder temperatures. This flexibility allows the tire to grip the road better, even in adverse weather and driving conditions.

Winter tires also have unique treads with additional slits, called sipes, that increase traction. These sipes offer measurable improvement in snow-traction and ice-braking performance over summer tires designed for hot and dry conditions.

Buying Winter Tires from a Dealership

Winter tires are items that are best purchased from a dealership such as Myers Orleans Chevrolet Buick GMC. Myers Orleans is a long-lasting, upstanding dealership in Ottawa that works to not only match a new car to your needs but ensure that your current vehicle is equipped to handle everything life, and the road, can throw at it.

The biggest reason to purchase and install your winter tires through a dealership is to ensure quality and consistency. The service technicians know which tires work and which do not--providing you with rare and helpful insight to keep you safe during the winter.

Price Match Guarantee

Another reason is that many dealerships, including Myers Orleans Chevrolet Buick GMC, offer good prices on tires. Myers Orleans Chevrolet Buick GMC offers a 30-day tire price match guarantee. This allows drivers to buy tires with confidence, knowing that they do not have to shop around and compare prices for tires.

Storage Program

Having a full set of summer and winter tires in Ottawa can be an issue for drivers that do not have a garage to store the unused set. Dealerships can also solve that problem for you. Myers Orleans Chevrolet Buick GMC offers a Tire Storage Program, which conveniently stores your off-season tires when not in use and installs your current tires and/or rims.

Buying Winter Tires in Ottawa

Myers Orleans Chev Buick GMC offers tire expertise, a price match guarantee, and a storage program, making them a great resource for buying winter tires in Ottawa.